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“I can’t thank GLEAMNS enough!” says Edgefield resident, Courtney Abney, who received the training she needed to obtain full-time employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Almost a year ago, Courtney had enrolled in the CSBG Case Management Program. She was unemployed at the time but always had a drive to support her family. Thus, in July 2016, Courtney enlisted in the Certified Nursing Assistant course at the Lifelong Learning Center in Batesburg-Leesville, SC, taking the night classes. During the six-month duration of the course, Courtney stayed in constant contact with her case manager, Pearlie Jones, the CSBG case manager for Edgefield County. She was a very admirable student, getting to class early and doing well overall with her grades.

In December 2016, Courtney completed both the class and clinical portions of the CNA course. She went on to pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) Exam—completing both the written portion and the skills demonstration portion—to receive her CNA certification! Just a couple of months after receiving her CNA certification, Courtney was hired as a full-time CNA at the Saluda Nursing Center. She started working in her positon in March 2017.

Courtney stated that she really cannot thank GLEAMNS enough for assisting her since she is now able to take care of her two small children. The Case Management program helped refresh her Nursing Assistant skills so she could successfully obtain her certification and become employed. She is so thankful that she was able to go out and find a good paying job to support her family.

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